Surface treatment

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Surface treatment: an essential step in the production of mechanical parts

On the strength of its expertise in machining , Figeac Aero has also branched out into the field of "surface treatment" for the finishing of metal parts. In order to deliver our customers finished products that have gone through a controlled industrial process, Figeac Aero has opted for internalised management of these processes.

The Group boasts a long-standing centre of expertise at its French subsidiary "Mecabrive Industries" in Brive-la-Gaillarde. In France, this activity is also up and running on the Figeac Aero sites in Auxerre, SN Auvergne Aeronautique in Aulnat and Tofer in Escalquens. Overseas, the subsidiaries Figeac Aero North America located in Wichita, US, Figeac Aero Mexico and Casablanca Aeronautique in Morocco all have specially designed facilities.


A wide range of services

Surface treatment

The goal is to further improve the surface of parts after machining to ensure that they provide optimal protection against corrosion and wear and tear throughout their life cycle. The treatments undergo stringent quality control and each process is certified by the customer.

Types of special processes and treatments for aluminium, titanium and steel alloys:

  • Degreasing (alkaline-based cleaning),
  • Etching,
  • Chemical machining,
  • Heat treatment,
  • Colourless and coloured anodising:
    • CAA (Chromic Acid Anodising),
    • SAA (Sulfuric Acid Anodising),
    • TSA (Tartaric-Sulphuric Acid Anodising),
  • Microarc oxidation MAO/Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation PEO,
  • Stellite coating,
  • Chromating and rework,
  • Alodine 1200, Alodine 1200S, Alodine 1500, Surtec 650, Lanthane,
  • Chemical nickel plating,
  • Manganese/Zinc phosphate coatings,
  • Passivation,
  • Sand blasting,
  • Shot peening,
  • Polishing,
  • Cadmium plating,
  • HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) thermal spray,
  • Welding, laser cutting, pipes manufacturing,
  • Special processes for aerostructure assembly.
Non-destructive testing (NDT)

The goal is to inspect the state of the material to ensure its conformity. The process reveals signs of metal fatigue.

Types of tests and inspections:

  • Fluorescent dye penetrant testing,
  • Magnetic-particle inspection,
  • Material hardness,
  • Conductivity,
  • Nital etching,
  • Adhesion testing,
  • Laboratory testing,
  • Pressure testing,
  • Salt spray.

The goal of this step at the end of the process is to protect and strengthen the parts with different protective coatings. Figeac Aero Group offers a number of different aerospace and military coating solutions depending on customer needs as well as parts marking with varnish. The company can also carry out ink jet and silk-screen marking.

The Group has treatment capacity for small, medium and large parts with equipment handling parts up to 15 metres long.


Certified and qualified sites

The Figeac Aero sites providing surface treatment services have ISO 9001, Nadcap, Air Agency Certificate and AS9100 certification, as required. They are also certified by customers.

Our special processes are qualified by many of the leading players in the aeronautics, defense, space, and oil and gas sectors:

  • Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Boeing, Bombardier, Aubert&Duval, Daher-Socata, Embraer, Liebherr, Safran Aircraft Engines, Safran Landing Systems, Safran Nacelles, Safran Aero Boosters, Safran Transmission Systems, Safran Ventilation Systems, Stelia Aerospace, Latecoere, Corse Composites Aeronautiques, Premium Aerotec, Pratt & Whitney, Sonaca, Hondajet, Northrop Grumman, Israel Aircraft Industries, Gulfstream, United Technologies Corporation, Textron...


  • Airbus Defence and Space, Lacroix Defense, Nexter, Thales, MBDA, Safran Electronics & Defense, Thales Alenia Space...


  • Cameron/Schlumberger...


Figeac Aero works to comply with REACH regulations and actively seeks to propose solutions that are more respectful of the environment.