Metal processing


Our specialised activity:  metal machining by material removal

Figeac Aero is a European leader in the production of light alloy (aluminium) and hard metal (titanium, inconel and steel) aerospace parts. The Group has historically grown thanks to its ability to supply major customers with small, medium and large parts. The Group machines parts from sheets, castings and metal matrices in compliance with customer specifications. Figeac Aero also provides re-machining services.

High-technology specialised machines

Figeac Aero has recognised expertise in the industrialisation and management of complex component part production series. The Company's many machines are among the best performing in Europe and use the most advanced high-speed machining technologies to ensure competitiveness in a global market.

Figeac Aero has organised its production into profit centres to provide the quality, responsiveness, deadline management and expertise demanded by its customers. The sites are equipped with specialised machining units for:

  • Aluminium structural parts,
  • Hard metal structural parts,
  • Engine and precision parts.

Continuously improving machining skills

Figeac Aero has acquired expertise on the most efficient machines for each family of products to ensure record production times (3, 4 and 5-axis machining centres, lathe and milling machines, vertical lathes, profile machining centres, specialised sheet metal work, forming machines).

Figeac Aero is spreading its know-how to sites around the world to provide a consistent level of local service to customers. Figeac Aero Group operates over 300 numerical control machines enabling it to produce parts ranging from small fittings (26mm) to aircraft spars over 20 metres in length designed for extreme tolerance levels.

The Company meets the control and quality standards of customers in compliance with ISO 9001 and EN9100 norms.

Expertise in the production of sheet metal parts

The integration of SN Auvergne Aéronautique's sites in 2016 enabled the Group to provide a wide range of solutions in sheet metal parts and in aerospace forming activities. Thus, Figeac Aéro covers the entire aerospace market for the supply of metal parts.

This subsidiary, which uses advanced production equipment, and which has long-standing skills in this field, can produce engineered components in aluminium and hard metals. Its tools include a set of high-power presses, laser cutting equipment, welding solutions and digital quality control using X-rays.


The Group's goal: Industrial excellence

Figeac Aero has implemented a process of continuous improvement for machining conditions (air-conditioned workshops, upgraded cutting tools, raw materials maintenance tools, etc.) and for the conditions of equipment use and operation (employees are trained in the latest technologies, assistance and fine-tuning of innovative machining processes are provided) to maintain and increase its competitive advantage in machining by material removal.

Figeac Aero also upgrades its production processes using connected systems, for example, for traceability and automated flow management.

The Company relies on robotics and cobotics for assembly, fitting, product handling and the visual inspection of parts via automated optical processes.