Mastering tomorrow's technologies today

Figeac Aero has a strong research & development culture that enables it to remain at the cutting edge of production processes and provide ground-breaking innovations to its customers.


The Company invests 6% of its turnover in R&D every year

By investing in a significant R&D budget, the Company is building its future competitiveness by supporting its industrial excellence centre in France and by strengthening its production sites in best cost zones.

The Figeac Aero Group maintains :

  • a permanent technology watch. The Group is open to developing collaborative partnerships with other R&D organisations for this purpose. Don't hesitate to contact us.
  • carries out fundamental R&D together with its academic and scientific partners in line with the Technology Readiness Level (TRL).
  • carries out applied R&D, which enables it to upgrade its production processes.


Figeac Aero continues to increase its lead in France to remain competitive. It deploys flexible production methods where most relevant, that is, close to its customers.

This policy is illustrated in the deployment of an "industry of the future" approach throughout the Group. For example, Figeac Aero must meet major challenges and is in the process of deploying a pilot line in response to its LEAP engine contract.

For this purpose, the Company is working on technology and digital solutions that fall into the following categories:

  • Automation, workflow, robotics;
  • Monitoring and control;
  • Value chain digitalisation;
  • Additive manufacturing and advanced production processes;
  • The role of people in the factory (multiple skills).


Figeac Aero has entered into many partnerships to help it successfully complete its development projects and has implemented a system to protect its innovations. Don't hesitate to consul the partner page.