An open mind, a constructive social dialogue and a commitment to developing the Company's human potential

Figeac Aero is convinced that it is the combined potential of individuals that moves the Group forward. The Company works on a daily basis to enable a balanced social dialogue. It promotes employee fulfilment within its structures and is very attentive to the principles of equal opportunity and diversity.

Figeac Aero Group believes that its strong continued growth depends on values shared by all Company employees.


These essential values are presented in a "CARE" charter, which provides guidelines for the actions of all Figeac Aero employees.

Cooperation: Succeed together
  • Be partners
  • Work for the benefit of the Group
  • Act collectively


Agility: Imagine innovative solutions
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Adapt and be an agile thinker
  • Dare to take initiative


Respect: Show respect for our people and values
  • Meet requirements
  • Show respect for every individual
  • Comply with the rules


Commitment: Make a total commitment to our missions
  • See things through
  • Make a difference
  • Create commitment