Our commitments


Figeac Aero Group is fully committed to proactive human resources, environmental and company stakeholder relations policies as part of its development.


A social relationship

The Group works on developing constructive social dialogue on a daily basis. With a relevant internal communication, Figeac Aero implements actions to improve the workplace life quality, aiming at ensuring every employee can carry out their duties under optimal conditions. Figeac Aero is fully committed to being a people-oriented international Group.


Sustained action in support of people-focused growth

Figeac Aero believes that people are a key factor for its future success. As a result, the Company is organised in such a way as to be able to listen and react:

  • Via a firm specialised in the prevention of psychosocial risks and the promotion of well-being at work;
  • Via rigorous management of skills and of career opportunities within the Company;
  • Via risk assessment and the implementation of appropriate safety solutions;
  • Via the development of ambitious training programmes;
  • Via the implementation of 5S (workspace management) and QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) approaches;
  • Via equal treatment throughout the organization:
  • Figeac Aero has developed a policy to "promote diversity and fight against discrimination". It includes a generation contract, the inclusion and ongoing employment of disabled persons and equality in the workplace;
  • Via compliance with international human rights and labour conventions, including the fundamental ILO conventions on freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, non-discrimination, the abolition of child labour and the abolition of forced and compulsory labour.

The index of equal pay for men and women of Figeac Aéro SA is 87/100 points (calculated in 2024 on 2023 data).


A duty of care on the environment

Figeac Aero is subject to environmental protection legislation and standards.

It has acknowledged the impact of its activities from the beginning. It is limited due to its water, energy and waste management policies. The company is part of a continuous improvement process for water, air and soil risk prevention and assessment through its HSE department.

The following are examples of Figeac Aero's environmental approach:

  • Recycling of waste water from industrial processes;
  • Waste management ;
  • Recycling or reuse of waste depending on type;
  • Prevention of noise and visual pollution;
  • Use of energy sources and industrial strategies which limit greenhouse gas emissions and a search for energy performance optimisation.


A Company with a close relationship to its region

Figeac Aero has a close relationship with the regions in which it is located and contributes to their development. Figeac Aero is located in the second Midi-Pyrénées aerospace industrial basin/area after Toulouse and employs over 10% of Figeac’s population.

The growth of activity at the Figeac site and at its subsidiaries contributes to the development of the local economy via the arrival of companies setting up in the region and the needs inherent to living in an area, benefiting a network of merchants and tradespeople.

Figeac Aero has a sustainable relationship with its region, including with the local authorities and training organisations like the Figeac IUT as well as through its involvement in the Professional Life/Private Life Balance project which led to the building of an inter-company nursery near the Aiguille industrial zone in Figeac.

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