Production equipment


Use of advanced technology

Figeac Aero has always been a forerunner in the use of new technologies to improve its performance and productivity. A major portion of the Group's investments is dedicated to the acquisition of metal processing machines that are both powerful and reliable (High Speed Machining, numerical command, automatic palletisers, motor power up to 100 kW, robotised maintenance systems on production lines).


Skills for operating advanced equipment in a secure manner

Figeac Aero invests in training and skills management for those of our employees who work with these production tools every day, to ensure the production process achieves at a very high level of performance.


An ambitious and safe growth policy

The Group has acquired internal expertise to select the best machines and technologies for the production of each type of part. Today, this expertise is demonstrated by the use of identical production methods at the Group's sites around the world. This policy reassures our customers as it provides a guaranteed standard of quality regardless of the site.


Over 400 machines throughout the Group

The Figeac Aero Group has resources around the world for:

  • Metal machining with 3, 4, and 5-axis machining centres (gantry CNC machines, milling centres, vertical lathes, lathes, turning-milling centres, profile machines, etc.)
  • Sheet metal work and forming activities (folding presses, deburring machines, shears, roll bending machines, routers, shot blasting machines, etc.)
  • Surface and heat treatment (surface treatment basins, heat treatment ovens, paint booths, etc.)
  • Assembly