Our partners


Figeac Aero has partnered with many companies which contribute to its economic and industrial development:

Commercial partners

  • Airbus :
  • Boeing France :
  • Avantis Group:
  • Usicap
  • Mécabrive
  • Tofer :
  • SN Auvergne Aéronautique:
  • MTI:
  • Figeac Aero Picardie
  • Figeac Aero Saint-Nazaire
  • Figeac AeroTunisie
  • Figeac Aero Maroc
  • Figeac Aero North America
  • Figeac Aero Mexique

Economic development

Institutional partners

R&D partners

Competitiveness centres
Research centres
Industrial partners

Training partners

Educational partners