Supply chain


The supply chain: People at the heart of performance

Aerospace subcontracting requires a combination of knowledge and skills including raw materials supply and component and product flow management to achieve line-side delivery objectives for Group customers.

To plan and manage the operations that are necessary for the various production processes, the teams continuously monitor the performance of everyone involved in the chain, by specialty or by programme. Figeac Aero deployed continuous improvement process through the SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (SPM).

Each process is monitored and checked to ensure complete control of production flows. Communication with customers on supply chain issues relating to the manufacture of their parts and sub-assemblies guarantees trust, safety and performance.

Figeac Aero has set up a supply chain strategy with agility to anticipate changes in the global industrial environment and to ensure a high level of service.


Guarantee delivery of the right part at the right time

Figeac Aero directs and manages its global supply chain worldwide to ensure a consistent level of OTD (On Time Delivery).

Figeac Aero's goal is to maintain this logistics performance indicator (OTD) at a consistent level  above 95% for the thousands of parts and sub-assemblies produced by the Group every year.