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Figeac Aero has a number of 5-axis machines which it uses to produce light alloy and hard metal beams under optimal production conditions.

Bulkhead parts

Figeac Aero has the expertise to make all types of structural parts for building sub-assemblies such as bulkheads for its customers.

Cockpit parts

Figeac Aero can produce all of the lightweight alloy and hard metal parts used to build both the outside and inside of cockpits.

De-icing panels

Thanks to its extensive experience in machining, sheet metal work and forming activities, Figeac Aero is able to manufacture parts with very demanding specifications, such as de-icing panels.

Door parts

The company has high-performance milling and turning equipment to produce the precision parts used in door mechanisms.


Figeac Aero produces structural parts for aircraft external layers in compliance with extreme machining and surface treatment constraints.