Chairman's Message


" Dear Sir, Dear Madam, Dear Shareholder,

Following the success of our listing on Euronext Compartment B in March 2016, I am happy to welcome you to the section of our website dedicated to the financial community.

Figeac Aero is a dynamic company which has become a major global player in aerospace subcontracting over the past thirty years. We produce small, medium and large lightweight alloy and hard metal parts, engine parts, precision parts and aerospace sub-assemblies.

Figeac Aero is a first- and second-tier supplier in its market. We work with the main manufacturers, engine makers and sub-assembly contractors of the industry on prestigious programmes such as the A350 and the A320.

The aerospace subcontracting market is constantly growing worldwide.
To gain market share, Figeac Aero is continuing to deploy the business plan that has made it successful so far, in other words, industrial excellence at the Figeac site in France, a sustained investment policy and new sites in dollar and/or Best Cost zones to be close to customers, regardless of where they are located, and to increase our competitiveness.

The three fund-raising operations of 2013, 2015 and 2016 enabled us to sustain this development strategy and accelerate our growth.

Figeac Aero has responsive and creative teams. Our employees share the same commitment to performance for our customers. We intend to continue growing our Company by providing competitive industrial solutions to the forthcoming challenges."

Jean-Claude Maillard
Chairman and CEO of Figeac Aero Group