Assembly: Building airframes

Figeac Aero Group offers assembly services to its customers as a logical complement to its aerospace industry component parts production.

Efficient supply chain management for sub-assembly parts and component manufacture allows Figeac Aero to support customers locally, close to their production sites, and deliver full sub-assemblies.

The Group has the ability to manufacture both small sub-assemblies (such as installing ring parts), and work packages representing complete airframes including floors, fuselage and cockpit components.

Figeac Aero meets the expectations of its customers in compliance with the quality standards required by the aerospace industry for building aircraft structural sub-assemblies and engine part assembly.


A wide range of subcontracting services

The Group has extensive expertise that includes riveting, fitting, crimping, the installation of special fasteners and cold expansion.

Figeac Aero has also expanded its services by working directly on its customers' assembly lines to provide fully finished work. The company can also second staff to customer sites (Industrial Subcontracting: IS).

As part of its commercial policy, Figeac Aero can meet engineering needs for the design of aerospace parts and sub-assemblies via its network partners and Global Subcontracting (GS) projects.

The Figeac Aero Picardie and Saint-Nazaire sites are exclusively dedicated to assembly and work with large-scale modules close to our main customers.