The entrepreneurial spirit

Jean-Claude Maillard, an experienced qualified aerospace mechanical engineer, founded the subcontractor Figeac Aero in January 1989 in Figeac (Lot department, France), with a share capital of €18,000.


The creation of a group

Figeac Aero initially offered a number of subcontracting services before quickly specialising in the machining of small aluminium parts. In 1994, Figeac Aero took over MTI in Decazeville (30km from Figeac) which specialised in forming activities, mechanical welding and the machining of large parts. The aerospace market was experiencing dramatic growth at the time and the Company decided to fully concentrate on that industry and to focus on a sales offensive strategy, especially for exports. At the same time, Figeac Aero became the first aerospace subcontractor to use high-speed machining (HSM) technology.


A changing industry

The use of subcontractors for the production of components by major customers increased in the early 2000s, contributing to the Group's growth. At that time, Figeac Aero decided to develop the production of large aluminium structural parts (in excess of 1.5m) using HSM. In 2004, the Group acquired Mécabrive Industries, located in Brive (80km from Figeac), which specialised in machining, surface treatment and small sub-assemblies.


Recognition for Figeac Aero's expertise

Figeac Aero was certified ISO 9001 and EN 9100 in 2006. In 2010, the Group was selected by Airbus as a top-20 global supplier for its family of components. Figeac Aero opened a training centre for apprentices at its historical site in Figeac to support the rapid growth. During this period, the Group also deployed its production expertise in hard metals machining and engine parts.


Industrial development based on investment

Figeac Aero started up "best cost" production in Tunisia in 2011, initiating the globalisation of its production capacity. Figeac Aero is located close to its customers, for example in the Picardie region, where Figeac Aero Picardie was set up, and dedicated to its customer Stelia Aerospace. In 2013, Figeac Aero was listed on the Alternext Paris stock exchange to enable the financial resources needed for growth.

The Company continued to win new contracts and, in line with its strategy based on industrial excellence in Figeac, proximity to its customers and the development of best cost and dollar zones, it acquired an industrial site in Kansas, USA in 2014 (Figeac Aero North America).

In 2015, the strategy led to the creation of subsidiaries in Morocco, Mexico and Saint-Nazaire, France. In 2016, Figeac Aero pursued the financing of its virtuous growth cycle with a third capital increase which transferred the Company to Compartment B of the Euronext stock exchange.

Last November 2016, Figeac Aero pursue its growth with the acquisition of SN Auvergne Aéronautique, a well know company specialized in manufacturing sheet metal parts. The Group is now able to provide all types of aerospace metal parts to the customers. SN Auvergne Aeronautique has got 2 production sites: one in Aulnat in France and another one in Casablanca in Morocco (Casablanca Aéronautique). In 2018, Tofer Group located in the suburbs of Toulouse in France and in Romania integrated Figeac Aero Group.