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Flap mechanisms

Figeac Aero builds sub-assemblies with high-precision machined parts used for wing flap mechanisms.

Fuselage sub-assemblies

Figeac Aero is constantly developing its assembly skills to enable the manufacturing of all types of sub-assemblies used on aircraft fuselages.

High-lift devices

Figeac Aero manufactures small sub-assemblies via equipment assembly on machined parts for wing manufacture.

Instrument panel

Figeac Aero assembles components and delivers sub-assemblies to its customers for installation in aircraft cockpits.

Interior Cabin Parts

Figeac Aero produces complete assemblies for cabin interiors including "Pallets - Crosses - Seat parts".

Landing gear sub-assemblies

Figeac Aero machines precision parts that it can assemble (installation of rings, equipment assembly) for this part of the aircraft.