SN Auvergne Aeronautique


Sheet metal work and forming activities

SN Auvergne Aeronautique specialises in the production of parts for sheet metal work and forming activities for large-scale civil and military aerospace programs.

The company has several decades of experience and the products it makes are found in a wide range of flagship units such as the Ecureuil, Super Puma and Tiger helicopters, as well the Airbus from the A320 family.

As well as sheet metal parts from light alloys and hard metals, SN Auvergne Aeronautique, which has 600 employees in France (Aulnat Site) and Morocco (Casablanca Site), also has the capacity to offer complex sub-assemblies.

The acquisition of this subsidiary allows the Figeac Aero Group to integrate a strategic competence in the production line of metallic parts for large clients. These parts are made through metal sheet forming, metal cutting and welding processes that require knowledge, know-how and industrial equipment which are different to those used for machining.


A wide range of solutions for the production of your parts

SN Auvergne Aeronautique offers a comprehensive range of services with:

  • Design and production capacities in respect of sheet metal parts and forming activities,
  • Capacities to purchase the materials and components needed for your products,
  • A dedicated fleet of machines for the complex forming of your parts,

(Forming – folding – bending – mechanical trimming – Laser 2 and 5 axis slicing – high power press, ironing press, folding press, presse double and triple effect press)

  • Welding capacities,

(Manual and semi-automatic TIG, welding using resistance, using points and using a roller, soldering-welding)

  • Surface treatment, thermal treatment and painting capacities,

(Anodic Oxydation in Chromic Acid, Anodic Oxydation in Sulfuric Acid, Tartaric Sulfuric Anodizing, Cadmium plating, Chromate Treatment Alodine 1200, Passivation, Surtec 650)

  • Inspection capacities,

(3D inspection, non-destructive inspection : Dye penetrant testing, radioscopy inspection, X-ray digital radiography - Monitoring of surface treatment quality: Saline mist, immersion test, chemical analysis, adherence test, measuring thickness of thin layers)

  • Assembly capacities.

(Riveting, sealing and press-fitting of rings, rolling, joints, balls, PR applications, installing joints, marking, bonding, crimping, pressure tests)


SN Auvergne Aeronautique qualifications and certifications

Quality systems certifications:

  • ISO 9001 (Aulnat Site only)
  • EN9100
  • EN9110 (Aulnat Site only)
  • NADCAP : CND (fluorescent pentration and X-ray radiography) - (Aulnat Site only)
  • PART 21G (aeronautical production approval)
  • PART 145 (aircraft repair approval)

Welders qualifications :

  • AIR0191
  • NF EN ISO24394