Mecabrive Industries


Mecabrive Industries, founded by Thomson TRT in 1954, historically specialised in electronics for the defence industry. The company's proven experience and expertise in machining and surface treatment led to Figeac Aero's decision to acquire the company in 2004.

Since Figeac Aero took over, Mecabrive Industries has maintained its main business as a supplier to the defence industry, but has diversified its offer to include mechanical parts for civilian aerospace (structural parts and equipment). Today the subsidiary has over 150 employees and operates in three different business lines:


  • Cockpits & Interiors
  • Engines & Nacelles
  • Fuselages & Structures


  • Electronics housings
  • Radars
  • Optical systems
  • Missiles


  • Satellites


      Mecabrive Industries has benefited from the growth of its historical markets and aerospace. It is currently approved by major defence and civilian aerospace industry customers including Airbus, Bombardier, Safran, Thales, UTC and others and can meet the needs of its customers with full-service and speciality sub-contracting.


      With over 50 years experience in mechanical engineering and 14 machining centres equipped with palletised 4- and 5-axis machines (up to 50 pallets), Mecabrive Industries handles the machining of small to large series as well as prototyping and replacements.

      The company:

      • Recovers aluminium and titanium castings and fully masters the balancing and flanging of complex parts and parts with thin walls;
      • Cuts parts from blocks and castings of all types of materials (aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, etc.), including adaptive machining;
      • Machines of profiles up to 6.5m long.
      Surface treatment

      The company has been doing surface treatment work since it was founded. This activity is now growing consistently, notably thanks to the Company's responsiveness and the quality of the treatments offered. Mecabrive Industries has automatic and semi-automatic chains which meet the latest standards and accreditations. The company is experienced in non-destructive testing and, particularly, in fluorescent penetrant inspection, anodic oxidation, chromating processes, chemical nickel deposition, stainless steel passivation, the application of liquid coatings with or without untreated areas, ink jet and silk-screen marking, sand blasting, etc.

      Parts are processed using operating procedures which meet the quality requirements of each customer at every step of the process.

      Assembly & Fitting

      Mecabrive Industries has over 30 years of experience in assembly work such as installing inserts and connectors, electrical cabling, clean room bonding and aerial foaming. The company designs and develops high-technology products thanks to its experience and network of recognised subcontractors and suppliers. Manual deburring is a key element of the services provided by Mecabrive Industries which, in addition to standard fitting, enables it to provide a level of parts finishing which meets "space" quality requirements.

      Mecabrive Industries has developed two fitting workshops for which its employees are specialised in two specific areas: aerospace and defence electronics. The subsidiary has designed an aerospace fitting workshop equipped with a high-performance exhaust system and a machining fitting workshop for electronic parts. Each employee is trained and specialised in their field, in order to optimize the quality of the products produced for both sectors.

      To meet the constraints specific to each industry (pace, finishing quality, complexity, etc.), assembly is centred on three areas: a clean room, a defence assembly room and an area for high-pace aerospace work.


      Mecabrive Industries invests 5% of its revenue in research and development. It has a dedicated R&D team for special processes and machining and invests in equipment and new processes.

      At a time when special, less-polluting processes are increasingly being used in industrial environments, the teams are actively performing research on processes with a lower impact on the environment. Mecabrive Industries has been certified by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research for special processes.

      Mecabrive Industries assists its customers throughout the R&D cycle: needs definition, solution analysis, testing campaign design, testing campaigns, characterisation, analysis and report writing. Assistance is provided as services or project development through the implementation of demonstrators and industrialisation.

      Customer Certifications, Qualifications & Accreditations

      To better meet customer requirements, Mecabrive Industries has deployed a quality management system certified both ISO 9001 and EN 9100.

      Mecabrive Industries is approved by Nadcap for penetrant use and certified by major customers for all of its special processes: surface treatment, coatings, NDT, assembly, etc.

      Discover Mecabrive Industries's qualified special processes list!