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Door arms

Figeac Aero's expertise in machining precision parts can be seen in its door arm production, notably for the A320 programme.

Engine mount fittings

Engine mount fittings are Inconel parts which are used to connect the engine to the engine pylon.

Engine parts

Figeac Aero offers a wide range of machining, treatment and assembly services for engine parts in accordance with the product quality and presentation specifications requested by customers.

Engine pylon and nacelle parts

Figeac Aero manufactures all hard metal (titanium, Inconel, aluminium) machined parts for aircraft nacelles and engine pylons.

Engine pylon attachment system

Figeac Aero can produce the parts used in the fastening systems to connect wings and engine pylons.


Figeac Aero has a number of 5-axis machines which uses to produce complex hard metal parts under optimal production conditions for engine pylons and nacelles.